"i am deliberate, and afraid of nothing."

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@DarkMatterRage #TwitterPoetry: LOST IN (TRANS)LATION

I went home to my family of origin this past week and found every interaction seasoned with politics. I decided to write some short #TwitterPoetry to capture those every day moments of intimacy that often go unnoticed but mean so much for us as queers going home.

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White people’s excuse.

their favorite excuse

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"I want to be like water. I want to slip through fingers, but hold up a ship."

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"If you make a Civil Rights movie and white people like it, it wasn’t a great movie."


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This is so important

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white people are like “why don’t you live in India” and I’m just thinking why don’t you live in 12.5% Germany 25% England 25% Australia 6.25% Sweden 18.75% Russia and 12.5% Italy??????

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